Who is really Sylvia Fischer?

All patients have problems, and Doctor Alexander Williams knows it: that’s why they come back every week, they sit on a sofa in his psychoanalysis practice and they tell him their stories. But what is it about Sylvia Fischer that he has never been able to quite grasp? Maybe the way she never mentions her life before deciding to marry her husband: a boring, cheating, rich New York boy. Or the way she talks, with a deep voice and a British accent, even if she was born in Texas. Or maybe Dr. Williams can feel the pale halo of depression that surrounds her.

One day, Sylvia Fischer tells Dr. Williams a new story: there’s a man she’s been in love with for many years, who now wants her to run away with him. And away she goes.

Sylvia Fischer doesn’t simply leave, though, she disappears: no words are left for her husband, her two-year-old daughter, her parents. No one knows anything about that man from Sylvia’s past, but Alexander Williams wants to believe that she has found her happiness.

Until everything collapses.

New York is the host and the beating heart of this novel: the city will guide the reader through its streets, rivers and parks, inhabited by living souls and roaming ghosts of the past.

I loved this book

I loved this book! The author does a great job of building characters. She allows you to connect with the characters before jumping in. The book contains a quirky sense of humor while containing some serious moments. There were parts of the book that I was laughing out loud and parts that I was crying. Overall really enjoyed the book, and am looking forward to reading this author's future books. Highly recommended!
- Amazon Customer

Five Stars

GREAT Author, got all her books, and devouring them as soon as they come out
- Amazon Customer

Surprisingly nice

A thriller book capturing reader's attention since the very first lines. It is very easily readable and enjoyable. The story path is articulated in a pretty simple way through pages, but it keeps the reader stuck chapter after chapter. The most remarkable feature is the very deep and accurate psychological perspective of each character. Some considerations and some behaviours can be found in everyday life. A very good first novel effort indeed. Definitely worth to be read.
- Amazon Customer

A nice unusual thriller

I’ve bought it thanks to a friend’s hint. I’ve liked the main plot, which makes the book a rather unusual thriller and the main character, which is a psychologist that does something more than just listen and take notes. It is one of those stories where connecting the dots you can guess the killer 20 pages before is actually unveiled; if it is a surprise for you, then you were not paying attention. Cons, a bit short, can be read in a day.
- Amazon Customer